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Patient Testimonials

Tony Fitzgerald

One of the best doctors I have come across so far. He definitely possess an expertise in his field of medicine. Moreover, the most important characteristic of Dr. Ajay Munshi is that he is a doctor with utmost moral values. In todays world, finding a “true doctor” who will provide realistic diagnostics without seeing his personal (monetory) gain is definitely a rarity; however, Dr. Ajay Munshi have never put a patient through any difficulties and problems for his own selfish reasons…His humanity in that matter is something I respect truly. Not only the doctors, but even his staff, including nurses and housekeeping in this hospital, are very helpful and caring. We have known this doctor since two generations now, and I have to say he is one of the best doctors. Just talking to him relieves half of the stress amongst the patients.

Jigar Pavawalla

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